Why Buffalo?

The Buffalo Skyline capturing the waterfront

As the second largest city in New York state, Buffalo has a lot to offer in terms of diversity and quality of life. Residents in our program have the opportunity to grow and flourish in an up and coming city.

Living in Buffalo

The cost of living In Buffalo is significantly lower than that over other American cities. The overall cost of living in Buffalo is 18% lower than that of the national average and 37% lower than the average cost of living in New York City. The median cost of a home in the area is only $82,200 and many surgical residents are able to purchase homes with their robust salary and benefits packages. If you are not looking to buy, it is possible to find living accommodations from anywhere between $500 to $1000 a month.

In addition to the low cost of living, Buffalo boasts one of the lowest average commute times in the country. The average Buffalo resident spends just over 20 minutes on his/her commute to work. This means less time waiting in traffic and more time doing the things that matter. Another effect of the convenient planning of Buffalo means that prospective residents of the area have the choice between urban and suburban living without adding extra commute time.

The Buffalo Sports Scene

Buffalo may be smaller than other cities, but the sports scene is a vibrant one supported by very enthusiastic fans. Buffalo is home to a number of sports teams from professional and college football to professional hockey and lacrosse. Sports fanatics will not feel alone when visiting Buffalo.

Food and Dining

Buffalo wings with celery

If there is one thing Buffalo does well, it’s the food. You will be able to find any cuisine or atmosphere you’re in the mood for, whether that be a hip cafe in Allentown to grab a coffee or a casual bar to spend a Friday night at. There are also dishes that Buffalo does better than anywhere else such as poutine, beef on weck and of course, the wings! Go to Anchor Bar and Duffs and decide for yourself who makes the best wings. Check out this list of restaurants in Buffalo put together by TripAdvisor for an exhaustive source of dining options.

Beef on weck


Albright Knox Art Gallery external building
Albright Knox Art Gallery

If you are a museum goer, there is no shortage of galleries and exhibits so see in Buffalo. Take a trip to the waterfront and check out the Buffalo Naval and Military Park or head over to the Buffalo History Museum. If art piques your interest, be sure to visit the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Burchfield Penney Art Center, or Benjaman’s Art Gallery.

The Buffalo Waterfront

Buffalo Canalside during the summer
Buffalo Canalside during the summer

Buffalo is situated on the east coast of Lake Erie, one of the 5 great lakes in North America, and therefore has a beautiful waterfront to offer. You can enjoy a concert next to the water at Canalside or rent a water bike to explore the waterways. To learn more about how to enjoy the waterfront, look through this list of 17 waterfront activities.

Niagara Falls

We can’t talk about Buffalo without talking about Niagara Falls. Although not technically in Buffalo, the awe inspiring view of the falls in only a short drive away. Enjoy numerous dining options, boat tours, and maybe even take a trip into Canada.

Niagara Falls in the summer

Outdoor Activities Around Buffalo

Buffalo may be a city, but there is still plenty of opportunity to spend time in the outdoors no matter the season. During the summer, take a trip to the water front for a day of kayaking and windsurfing. During the winter, go on a short drive out of Buffalo to hit the slopes or head to Canalside to enjoy some time on the ice. If you like to cycle and have nothing to do Monday morning, meet cyclists from all over Buffalo in Allentown on any Sunday for the weekly Midnight Ride. You’re never too far away from the outdoors in Buffalo!